Our Director M.P. Ramesh
“The legend spread its wings…”

Mr. M. P. Ramesh son of Mr. M. P. Achuthan started his first shop in Calicut at C.S.I building in 1986 on the 75th birthday of his father.

He started 2 more showrooms at Calicut one on the link road near railway station – Cochin bake house and another at Vandipetta, Nadakkavu. Cochin bakery took its next step towards success by starting its branches at the neighboring state Karnataka. They started their first outlet at Mangalore at Paradigm Plaza – A. B. Shetty Circle and the second one at Kankanady in their own building Ceebees Tower where they have a well mechanized factory and a coffee shop on the first floor. The third one was started at Nanthoor – Vijayashree Arcade near Padavu School.

Cochin Bakery Mangalore, supplies its products to some of the famous in and around Mangalore – NITTE in Karkala, K. S. HEGDE institutions, A. B. SHETTY institutions, KMC hostels in Mangalore being some of them. Cochin Bakery in Karnataka also has three outlets in the Infosys campuses – two at Mangalore and one at Mysore.

Due to the constant request from the customers Cochin bakery started their showroom at Kasargod city.

Henceforth there was no looking back for Mr. Ramesh. With his hard work and a team of loyal and sincere staff to help him and the blessing of his parents to top it all Mr. Ramesh went on to open a chain of bakeries in the state and beyond and is now planning to go international. Born on June 5th 1951 Ramesh is the youngest son of Mr. M. P. Achuthan and Smt. Bharathi Achuthan married to Lavina, they have a daughter Bhagyalaxmi.

Besides being an excellent entrepreneur Mr. Ramesh also holds a high place in various prestigious organizations of the society. He is a Rotarian, a privileged member of Sree Narayana Education Society, Director in Sree Kandeshwara Temple, Life member in YMCA, Member of Red Cross Society, and Trustee to prestigious Deshaboshini Library, Treasurer of All Kerala BAKE Association, and President of Calicut Bake Association.

Apart from this Mr. Ramesh is a very sincere philanthropist about which he would not like to mention. Like his father Mr. Ramesh has also been successful in founding many cakes and other products. The ghee cake being one of the most important of them, Nutty Bonanza, golden cake etc. there are many on the line. He went on to think about trade marking some of his products. On the working front Mr. Ramesh is backed by a team of sincere and well trained staff.