Social Responsibility

Cochin Bakery had its humble beginning way back in the year 1939. Four brothers Mr. M. P. Karunakaran, Mr. M. P. Achuthan, Mr. M. P. Kumaran and Mr. M. P. Balakrishnan left their homeland Thalassery in quest of opportunities in the field of baking.

It was under the patronage of Mambally’s Royal Biscult factory – founded by Mambally Bapu in 1880 that they started their first outlet on the Cannon shed Road. Cochin the name and fame got from the city of Cochin eventually become the name of the business – COCHIN BAKERY. The Jews as well as the other foreigners of Cochin liked the name as it was easy for them to pronounce. The aroma from the arsenal of cakes and sweets Cochin Bakery won the hearts of young and old alike.

The magic hands of Mr. Achuthan who was also a disciplinarian who adhered to quality, hygienic norms and punctuality in delivering the goods played a sterling role in moulding the business.

The business grew in leaps and bounds. The common man as well as the members of the royal family of Cochin and dignitaries of Indian as well as foreign origin became the loyal clients of Cochin bakery.

Lord Wavell and Lord Mountbatten being some of them. Thus a legend came into being. Mr. Achuthan excelled in founding many a cakes. The ‘Ceebees’ special Japanese cake, Butter beans, Tea rusks etc are some of them, which were later imbibed by other bakeries.

In 2006 Cochin bakery started its showroom at Kochi, its hometown. They have a well equipped factory and 2 outlets at Kochi. To commemorate its coming back to its hometown Kochi, Cochin bakery made a giant cake with a length of 217 feet that was etched with an array of 172 pictures of National leaders, events of great importance and celebrities which helped them achieve the prestigious LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS AWARD for the most longest and intricately designed cake. Thus being the only bakery to procure this award in Kerala. Although Cochin bakery has been successful in obtaining many awards earlier and after this, this one was a special one.